WHITE JAM – Help Me English / Romaji / Kanji

Help me. Help me.
That smile is
making me invincible.
Even today, which seemed so bad.
I got to be strong
for the troubles
Help me.

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WHITE JAM – Unmei no Recipe (運命のレシピ) English/Romaji/Kanji

This is what faith is,
is something that no one can answer.
But now, I feel that
I can parodoxically explain it.
Everyone has reasons to be together
and reason to break up.
But me being with you has no reason.
What do you call this phenomenon?

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Lugz&Jera – Find Myself | Romaji / English / Kanji


Ikusen no hoshi tsunagatteyuku Melody
amagakeru musū ni hirogaru ryūseigun
iroaseta noto yume mitsuzuketeru shōnen
ano koro to onajiyō ni ima mo mada yume wo miteru

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Lugz&Jera ft. JAY’ED – Be with You | Romaji / English / Kanji


Kimi to deatta ano hi
natsu no hizashi ga futari wo terashiteita
zutto isshonī yō ne
yakusoku shite tsunagiattate to te
sō tsukihi kasane surechigai ya kenka mo shite kita yo ne
demo mada iezu ni iru omoi
poketto ni aru engējiringu todoketakute (You know, I love you)

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WHITE JAM – Usotsuki (嘘つき) | English / Romaji / Kanji


It’s because those lying eyes laugh so kindly
that I pretend to be a fool.
I love you, I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you, I love you, but…

Because you laughed at the joke I made,
I was so delighted that I pretended to be happy.
If I were to try just a little harder,
would this lie become reality?

Today, as we’re moving towards a hundred bad things that happened,
one word from you makes me forget all about them.
In lies and fiction, maybe my pretence is my prescription.
Your favorite phrase “It’ll be all right” is surely a signal of hardship.
Isn’t that why you and I are together? However,
I don’t want to know the answer to that question.

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GreeeeN – Akatsuki no Kimi ni (暁の君に) Lyrics Romaji | English | Kanji


The story we fought for.
The blue sky we cried for.
My life that started.
Your smile I loved.

Today, too, someone inside a dark shadow
is getting used to the tears that never seem to stop.
Regardless, today, too, time continues on.
If there’s only a faint simmer of light, you’ll get left behind.

Defined by ideals that someone once published.
If you stray from those, “you lose” is what’s written in the textbooks.

Some day, on the road that we’ve chosen.
The person we are on that day will say:
“Don’t go that way!” with your hands raised.
Look, I’m watching you!
Before our true feelings disappear somewhere.

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GreeeeN – Sobito (ソビト) Lyrics | Romaji | English | Kanji

Uh, first of all, this post and this song in general needs a NOTE:

So, here it is: The use of the word “Sobito” in the lyrics (and of course the title) is actually a non-existant word. Apparently, GreeeeN invented their own word which is a combination of 素人 and 空人 (shirōto  and sora hito). It basically means “A person that challanges/faces new things freely.” A free-spirited person so to speak.

It’s for this movie which tells GreeeeN’s story. http://asianwiki.com/Kiseki:_Sobito_of_That_Day

Well enough talk. Get to the lyrics below.


If, for example, we are far apart,
you’ll quickly give your reply.
Even if you feel insecure every now and then,
I want you to believe in me.

In a world that’s overflowing with difficult things,
just like a 1000 years ago.
Meeting you for the first time,
sorry for being so stiff.

I believe in you and that’s why I like you.
And because if I look the other way, you’ll pinch me.
I’m prepared. Tell me anything.
No matter when, in these thoughts.

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