GreeeeN – Sobito (ソビト) Lyrics | Romaji | English | Kanji

Uh, first of all, this post and this song in general needs a NOTE:

So, here it is: The use of the word “Sobito” in the lyrics (and of course the title) is actually a non-existant word. Apparently, GreeeeN invented their own word which is a combination of 素人 and 空人 (shirōto  and sora hito). It basically means “A person that challanges/faces new things freely.” A free-spirited person so to speak.

It’s for this movie which tells GreeeeN’s story.

Well enough talk. Get to the lyrics below.


If, for example, we are far apart,
you’ll quickly give your reply.
Even if you feel insecure every now and then,
I want you to believe in me.

In a world that’s overflowing with difficult things,
just like a 1000 years ago.
Meeting you for the first time,
sorry for being so stiff.

I believe in you and that’s why I like you.
And because if I look the other way, you’ll pinch me.
I’m prepared. Tell me anything.
No matter when, in these thoughts.

Your words and my feelings are overlapping and something is born.
Tied together like that, today, too, is a miracle.
Surely we, loving each other, have created a mutual “place”.
Making mistakes and not being in sync is all fine…
Because it’s you.

If our dream would come true I’d pray until the last second.
We’ll overcome time. Come on, let’s hold hands.
There’s nothing to be afraid of.

I long for all of you.
Pass it on, the worlds greatest love.
Embrace it. Warm up. All around the world.

All around the world.

All around the world.

If you disappeared.
If you were to disappear.
The blue in the sky would just be empty.
There would be no reason to live, would there?

I’d search for you all around the world.
I’ll find you and love will bloom.
If we are linked together like that, this love miracle would continue.
Surely we, while loving more, would gently cover that hand of yours
and would look at you without blinking.

While meeting you all around the world and embracing each other, love is born.
If we are linked together like that, this love miracle would continue.
That day’s “sobito”, swearing to you that if you look back, you’ll be able to laugh.
Searching, meeting, hurting…
Come on, let’s walk.


Tatoeba tōku hanarete mo kotae wa sugu ieru
tokidoki fuan ni naru kedo shinjiteite hoshii

muzukashii koto de afureta sekai wa 1000-nen mae mo onaji de
kimi to deatte hajimemashite majime na kanji de gomen ne

shinjiteiru kara anata ga suki dakara
yosomi nante shitara hineritsubusu kara
kakugo wa dekiteru nandomo tsutaete
donna mainichi mo omoide ni

kimi no kotoba boku no kimochi ga kasanatte nanika umarete
sō yatte tsunagatte tsuzuku kyō mo kiseki
bokura kitto aiseru motto yatto koko ga tagai ‘basho’ nanda
machigai surechigai soredemo ii
kimi to nara

negai ga kanau no nara saigo no 1-byō madette inotte
toki wo koeyou sā te wo tsunaide osoreru mono nante nani mo nai

anata no subete ga koishii tsutawatte
sekai saikō no koi wo dakiatte
nukumotte sekaijū de

‘sekaijū de’

‘sekaijū de’

moshimo kimi ga inakunatte
moshimo anata inaku nareba
sora no ao mo munashii dake
ikiteru imi nai n ja nai

sekaijū de kimi wo sagashite mitsukatte ai ga umarete
sō yatte tsunagatte tsuzuku ai no kiseki
bokura kitto aiseru motto sotto kimi no sono te tsutsumunda
mabataki shi nai de mitsumeteiru

sekaijū de kimi to deatte dakiatte ai ga umarete
sō yatte tsunagatte tsuzuku ai no kiseki
ano hi no “sobito” kimi ni chikau to furikaeru to kimi ga warau n da
sagashi te deatte kizuite
sā arukidasou


例えば遠く離れても 答えはすぐ言える
時々不安になるけど 信じていてほしい

難しいことで溢れた 世界は1000年前も同じで
君と出会って初めまして 真面目な感じでごめんね

信じているから あなたが好きだから
よそ見なんてしたら ひねりつぶすから
覚悟は出来てる? 何度も伝えて
どんな毎日も 想い出に

君の言葉 僕の気持ちが重なって 何か生まれて
僕らきっと 愛せるもっと やっとここが互い『場所』なんだ
間違い すれ違い それでもいい

願いが叶うのなら 最後の1秒までって祈って
時を越えよう さぁ手をつないで 恐れるものなんて何もない

あなたのすべてが恋しい 伝わって
世界最高の恋を 抱き合って
温もって 世界中で




世界中で君を探して 見つかって 愛が生まれて
僕らきっと 愛せるもっと そっと君のその手包むんだ

世界中で君と出会って 抱き合って 愛が生まれて
あの日のソビト 君に誓うと 振り返ると君が笑うんだ
探して 出逢って 気付いて
さぁ 歩きだそう

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