This was originally a random blog that I had to make to run the Zenyaku-Subs site (a now long-defunct anime sub-group I used to run) but one day I started using it for a different purpose. Namely, I used it to post some song lyrics which I translated out of boredom.

I also found this site again after like three years and posted some more. Maybe I’ll post even more later but it kind of depends on whether I like songs or not… More like I post on a relatively regular basis these days!

If it’s some GreeeeN song you want translated, I’m your man! White Jam, too, although they’re still a relatively unkown group and since I love GreeeeN, I also quite like their sister-group whiteeeen so that will be popping up some more as well!

Other songs I might be willing to translate, depends on if I like them or into. Asking never hurts, right?



4 Responses to About

  1. maki says:

    Hello, could you translate the character song from anime TariTari, named
    White Decoration, sung by hanae natsuki and seto asami, really appreciate if you could do it. I’ve been searching like forever, no romaji lyrics, not even the english one..TvT

  2. Julie says:

    Can you please translate White Jam’s Usotuki? I can’t find a translation and I really want to know what the song’s about. Thanks!

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